Being not able to do a thing…

Unknown.png Yes, I’m trying… sometimes just too much.


I have a chronic illness. My muscles are dying and sometimes it feels like I’m dying too. The pain is too much, the overwhelming is too big.

But there is always Viva… she is my angel who helps me survive.

We all need someone, something. We are people, people do not live alone. We need some kind of understanding with each other. Don’t you think?

I have Viva and I have Bart… thank you guys for being there for me!!

And of course, there are friends… Tamara, Nadine… love you!




Accept help, when needed. Help is a wonderful thing, we can’t live without…


2 thoughts on “Being not able to do a thing…

  1. Hi Marta …. i wish you all the luck and succes in the world , you are son kind and friendly… when you have to continue with pain … i am too , you just look at your dogs and see them smile …. en the pain go away ….i try to login with my Email but it didndt go , so Jean-Marie is my husband and the Google account is on his Name mail… so if you see Jean-Marie …. its me Carine … Moumousse , Nathan & Zoum wishing you all the best !!!!!!!! big kisses Schattie !!!!!!

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