Having a soul mate…


No, a soul mate doesn’t have to have 2 legs. 4 paws is just as good… you know, sometimes even better!

So many times I gave my soul to a friend. So many times it was crushed.

It hurts, it makes that you don’ t trust someone that much next time. And you should, everybody needs somebody. But easy to say, isn’t it? Being chronic ill makes it even harder. You do your very best to fit in, knowing you never will. You just don’t have the energy needed to do so. But yet, you want it so badly…

Having 1 friend, a good friend, is enough. Having a good friend, a soul mate dog and a loving husband is just… well, it’s a dream.

I’m living my dream and enjoy it every single day that passes by…

I wish you all the same.



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