A good day…


Everything hurts, always. But having a good day keeps me alive.

Yesterday I went to a spa with my friend Tamara. I couldn’t believe I was there for so many hours. I was in disbelieve that my body was standing strong for that long. I was happy to feel close to normal, enjoying sauna and good company.

The day after was, like always, a big disappointment. I had to pay for having fun. My body doesn’t tolerate it. It makes me pay the bill. Hard way.

I wonder how it feels living without pain…

I wonder how it feels not being tired all the time…

I wonder what my life would be not having a progressive chronic illness…

Although, don’t get me wrong. Despite all that, I wouldn’t exchange what I have for nothing. (Well, maybe if you let me keep my husband and our dog Viva ;-))

Please be strong, carry on… for yourself and the people you love, but don’t forget to grieve from time to time, it relieves stress and tension. Don’t forget to ask for help and above all… allow love in your life. Love helps you living.




2 thoughts on “A good day…

  1. Oh Marta, sprakeloos ben ik.
    Veel bewondering voor jou ❤️
    Je mag een voorbeeld zijn voor veel mensen. Je hebt mijn leven en mijn kijk op dingen alleszins veranderd.


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