“Am I a dog…? Really?

Viva is telling her story.


“I have to, I just have to be always there where my mum and daddy are. They say I’m a dog, but I doubt it. It doesn’t feel like it. They call me a baby, their thresher, little girl. So am I really a dog?? Really?? Ok, I might be a dog, but a loved one, and that makes a hell of a difference. I have a lovely home, food and water. I don’t worry about tomorrow, because I know I’ll never be alone again. I have a family who takes care of me. Even so I was a street dog, I am a princess now. I know that for a fact… my mum tells me every day what a breathtaking little princes I am. And my mum doesn’t lie, you know.

I wish all dogs in the world felt like me. I wish all dogs in the world had a home like mine.

Please be kind to animals. All of them.”



4 thoughts on ““Am I a dog…? Really?

  1. Love you Vivje you are realy a princes like my prins and princes ….. all animals shoud be threated like royalty .

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