Walk the line…


At this picture I walk behind my husband Bart. He is the only one I follow blind. Have never trusted someone that much, except my father. When he died at the age of 40, I was sure never to find that kind of man again. But I did. We married in ’99 and till now he is my entire world. Together with our dog Viva, we walk the line of life as a family.

I am very strong-minded. My father taught me to be a voice, not an echo. So I am. Sometimes I wished I was more easy-going. Just following the crowd. They all seem to stick together, somehow. I don’t have that glue on me, I’m afraid. I stand alone, watching… wondering why I don’t fit. A teacher ones told me that I have a beautiful life because my thoughts go deep, are strong and authentic. I hated that idea then and I hate it now. My life would be easer not being that flat-footed and extremely sensitive at the same time. But at the other hand… who I am made me stronger. Strong enough to face pain every day. Maybe my stubbornness  helps me survive the illness I’m dealing with. And together with Bart, I’m not standing alone.


We are not made to be alone. We are made to walk the line of life with love-ones.



3 thoughts on “Walk the line…

  1. Beautiful written, Martha, the story off your life … it takes much courage to do this and maybe brings relief, but most off all you need to be a strong women to tell others about your feelings and thoughts. Huge congrats that you made this step and thank you for sharing with us. xxxx big hugs

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  2. The line of life … or the walk of life …..2 diffrent things and the same !!!! going on one line !!!!!!!!
    Whe have a lot in comment Marta …..married in ’99 …..strong mind …..stubborn…… … the 2 of you , being 1 ….
    verry nice explanation……Carine


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