A secret…

I will tell you a secret, but this one, you must pass on… ok?

Years ago, I have read, that on difficult moments, moments you think it can’t get any worse, or if you have a lot of pain or something, well… on that moment you have to smile. And I mean not in your mind, your thoughts, noooo, I mean rally smile. Put attention on your mouth and smile. You don’t have to laugh historically, that’s not what I’m talking about. Just gently, but apparently… smile.

I swear to you, it works. It’s not gonna make your troubles go away, or cure you. But, you will see… it does fomenting to our mind. It makes you get an other perspective or so. I don’t know exactly, I can’t explain, and I don’t mind at all. For me it’s a manner to relax at that time. When I smile, I think automatically about nice memories, or something beautiful that has to come.

I hope a smile will work for you just as good on difficult moments. Sit down, put a smile on your face and relax for a while. It opens the world… it does for me.




8 thoughts on “A secret…

  1. You have the most amazing smile Martha, that’s how I always remember you. The lady with the beautiful smile,
    Hugs and kisses


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  2. to prawda….. śmiech czyni cuda…… jeśli się śmiejemy mamy dużo przyjaciół,zapominamy o bólu ,który jest bardzo trudny do opisania przeciętnemu człowiekowi ….on wodzi nas uśmiechniętych a nie widzi bólu który w nas gości…..

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  3. Smile …… and you be loved by everyone …… !!!!!!cry …. and they turn there back …… so …..SMILE…. life is to short…Carine

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