Made with love…

We have a dog who we adore. Her name is Viva. She is adopted from Sardinia and is our baby ever since. We don’t have children, so dogs are the most pressures ones we ever had. And we have had a few dogs over the years. You can see pictures of them below. We are proud of them all. You can’t imagine how much. They were perfect. Big, powerful dogs with nothing else in theirs body than love. Lots and lots of love.

Viva is our first small dog. To tell you the truth, we didn’t want to have a small dog to start with. But life decided otherwise and here we are… together with Viv we are a family of three.


Because she is a mix, Italian Greyhound and something else (no idea what breed), we have to put a jacket on her when she goes outside. A lot of people might think we do so because we like her to wear one. But nooo. We like her the most without clothing. She is a beauty on her own. But unfortunately, she freezes when it’s cold. Sooooo… I decided to make her jackets by my self. You can see some of them on this website, “dog fashion” and instagram “dogfashion_a_la_viva”. Since I make things for her… I started to really love it. It relaxes me a lot. I adore to have some time alone with my sewing machine. Now I make some stuff for me too! And occasionally something for my husband as well. We always match with Viva. That’s cute and fashionable. However, believe me, I’m not a fashionista, far from…

If I say that I count the days to be spring again, I’m sure I’m not the only one. Meanwhile… let us be sunshines ourselves (right Carine Masure?).

Lots of love for you all out there…


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