Beauty is simplicity…

My best friend…

Unwanted. My best friend is unwanted. He never listens to me when I ask him to go away. He always goes wherever I go. When I sit, he sits right next to me. When I sleep, he wants to sleep with me. He really doesn’t want to go away.

I met him when I was a little child. Years later, I moved from Poland to Belgium hoping my friend wouldn’t follow. But he dit. He always does.

It’s frustrating knowing he will be there till my last day on earth. I have other friends too, but sometimes my best friend is so enjoying, others just can’t stand him and leave me.

My best friend, named pain, is persistent. I hate to have a friend like that…



A city dog…

Viva’s story:

“I am a city girl. Yes! I am.

Yeah, a walk in the forest is awesome. A lot to see, a lot to smell, have wonderful times crossing between the trees there. Adore the views. A specially I looove the rabbits. But they don’t like me. They keep on running away from me. No idea why.


I love the city as well though. My mum told me that not all dogs are as enthusiastic about the crowd and a lot of movement as I am. I understand that completely. But for me… wow, nothing more exiting than a walk in a city center. I get a lot of attention, you know. People come and pet me. They give me kisses and are telling me what a good girl I am. What more can I wish for? Well… maybe a cookie?? (but without grain, I’m allergic to it!)

In the wintertime I have to wear a jacket. My mum makes them for me. Without the jacket I won’t go. It’s just too cold, too windy. Some kids looking at me like I was an ET, wearing the jacket. But I don’t have a phone, I can’t phone home like he did ;-).

So, saying that all… I truly adore Hasselt where I live and I am a very happy city dog. Does your dog love a city as well? Tell me all about it :-), I’m curious.

And you know what?? It’s Friday! Weekend!! Yes it is! And weekend means more time with my daddy. And more time with my daddy means even more love to get! I’m excited 🙂 🙂 🙂

Bart and Viv

To all of you out there: have a wonderful weekend. Have wonderful moments to remember.

Love, Viv”