Deeper roots…

Yes, I over-think, but I also over-love. Nothing in-between. Black or white, unfortunately. In my opinion you cant’s say “I love you a little.”  I love all the way or not. Sadly I overthink a lot too. Partly because I am a women and that’s what we do :-). But also because of my character, I suppose. My husband always says: “We will solve a problem, when the problem is showing.” But I? I am searching for solutions for problems that are not even there yet. I do, really. “What if” thoughts. You might recognise it…?

It seems, the more we are worried about something, the more our brain is trained to think about it. And that’s a scary thought. Don’t you think? It can become a vicious cycle and you could put yourself at risk of anxiety disorders in the future. And nooo, you don’t want that, of course. But what to do?

Well… trick your brain.

I have read an article wrote by a clinical psychologist named Pittman. “Telling yourself to not to have a certain thought is not the way to not have the thought” she says. ”You need to replace that thought.” What if I tell you to stop thinking about pink elephants? What are you going to think about? That’s right: pink elephants, for sure. If you don’t want to think about a pink elephant, conjure up an image of, say, a tortoise. “Maybe there’s a big tortoise holding a rose in its mouth as it crawls,” says Pittman. “You’re not thinking about pink elephants now. Are you?”

That being said, there is a truth in the quote like this:


That’s life, I suppose. You take some, you give some. Thinking positive will help being more happy, I believe that. But I also believe this:

Storms make trees take deeper roots.






2 thoughts on “Deeper roots…

  1. You have to trick your brain … a lot …. ex: if you can not sleep … well try this …. first you begin with 5 things you are able to see in your room … than 5 things you can hear in your room ….. than 5 things you can feel !!!! and repeat this …..when you concentred on this you will forget the pink elephant and fall a sleep… thats a trick my dokter tell me … sometimes it works …. but sometimes the pink elephant are staying !!!!!!!! and you need deep roots to go on …. if i am dreaming about pink elephants tonight , i call you … ok !!!!

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