It’s easy to love when you have love around.

Bart and I don’t have children. Don’t get me wrong, saying… kids are not for us. For more than one reason. Most important one is the fact that we never dreamed about a big family. Neither Bart, nor I. Second big reason is my illness. Bart is 44, I am 41. Sometimes I wonder how come we do not desire having kids. But we just don’t. However, I assure you this: every child looooves Bart. The reason? No idea! In the supermarket children are smiling at him, waving at him, they talk to him. It’s funny sometimes. They smile at me too, but I taste there is more connection with my husband. That is beautiful because we generous care about them. We enjoy having them around, just… not the whole time 😉

Our friends children are in our hearts too. Every time Tamara, a friend of mine, tells they are ill, or not so happy for a reason, my heart breaks. Tha’s what friendship is all about, I suppose. Sympathy that we have for each other.

And yet, I am a mam! Mother of a 4-legged beautiful dog, Viva. I have hard times calling myself her boss. I’m nobody’s boss. I am not an owner of her either. I have her, like you have your children, you don’t own them. So… in that case, I just call myself Viva’s mam. I will never know how it feels to have my own children and that’s ok. If I see loving, caring, beautiful families around me, I am chuffed too. If I see a dog and his… eum… mam or dad looking at each other full of understanding, I am a happy, very happy women too.

Lets don’t judge each other about our lives. We make our own choices. Let’s be tolerant and understanding. I know from my own experience it can be challenging… but you know what? I’m up to that challenge! Are you?



2 thoughts on “Understanding…

  1. ik ben ook géén mama , onbewust , that’s life …. Mensen zeggen , jullie kunnen géén zorgen hebben … no kids no troubles !!!!! Dan denk ik wat zou ik eens willen wisselen en deze zorgen hebben …. That’s life….. Maar ik ben mama van mijn 4 potige schatjes !!!!! and that’s a Challenge .. i dont wanna miss …..

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