“I survived, because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me.”

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Many times I have had enough. Enough of pain I feel all the time. Enough of sleepless nights because of that. Enough of fatigue it brought with it.

But what choice do I have? I have to live, or end it. And ending living is not what I want. There is too much beauty around. Too much love next to me.

Very often darkness overshadows the light. But without darkness we don’t appreciate sparkling. And life isn’t fair at all. Can’t count the times I asked “why me?”. “Why little, innocent children?”. “Why good people?”

Do you know an answer for those questions? Can you help me out?



5 thoughts on “Fire…

  1. no one have an answer… to all your questions….. there will allways be : if……if……. and nobody will answer… But you know , i still see the sprinkles in your eyes to go one … So Lady …. be proud and turn this black page …. and go one … fire is burning … and thats Good … verry good !!!! i love colors , thats bring the fire burning inside you, grey is so sad … Red , orange … tahts the spirit … and why me , why , why …. just turn the page and look at colors !!!!! Do you see the stars shining … they are there for us … sitting in the darkness, and when you look long enough they give you a warm light …..tomorow is a better day … have to … dondt you think …….

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