“What a beautiful world it would be, if people had hearts like dogs.”

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Viv and me

Sometimes I honestly think I love our dog too much. Like every other dog we have had for that matter.

Often if I can’t bring my dog, I’m not going. Fortunately Bart is the same. A dog is a full member of our family. I do understand I can’t go everywhere with Viva, sure I do. I respect that too. But if the choice is mine, she is with me.

Dogs have a way to find the people who need them. And if you have a dog… you know this: there is no personal space when you own a dog. I don’t mind. I’m a dogaholic anyway. Many times I remember the dog’s name and forget the name of his owner. I wonder what my dog names me 🙂

Please, never ever say to me it’s just a dog. For sure you won’t be my friend anymore. My dog is my everything to me. My soul mate, my baby, my therapist. I let a dog be a dog, I’m not wanting him to be a real child, if I wanted a child I would have one. But it feels for me that I can’t love Viva more than I already do. Together with Bart we are a family of 3. A little family it is, but that’s fine. We love the way it is. For now is 1 dog enough. But like every dog lover, I want to save them all.




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  1. Do i love my dog … OMG !!!! my Baby’s … Yes Yes …. Do i talk to my Baby’s … Yes Yes…. i kissed them goodnight !!!!!!!! so who else are you talking too ?????? Viva

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