Go after dreams, not people.

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A written story…

Sometimes, when you read a book there is a power that overwhelms you. A force that will not let you go. There is some kind of glue that sticks on you for a while.

When you read a good book, you forget your own life and feel every word that is written like it was your own story told.

Those books are a gift for you. They expand your soul and give new insights. Afterwards you will never be the same. Something very magical can happen when you read a good book.





Hope is a promise…

I always thought “hope” was such an overblown term, such a falsified feeling. Till now.

Now I know hope is the only thing keeping us going on during hard times. It really is. No one can say or do anything that will make you feel better if you are on the age. It is such a strong feeling inside. There is no better tomorrow, till hope comes around. Hope is a promise, a goal. Hope opens us to new possibilities.

My chronic illness is killing me inside. Past days I have had so much negative thoughts, dark emotions. I truly wished I could vanish. In silence and dignity.

I can’t live my life with the body I have. My life was not ment to be that kind of horror. It was supposed to be magical. Not a battle against pain and fatigue every single day. But it is and will always be like that for ever. And some period of times, I don’t have hope. At all. And if there is no hope, there is nothing…

And still. There is beauty around us. Helping each other to see that beauty is a wonderful thing. Going trough it together is even more wonderful. Hope is a key concept to see that beauty even though life is hard on you…


Pain is real, but so is hope.