Picked and left to die…



Thanks Angelique G.

Some people…

Sometimes Facebook is a good thing. I have learned so many wonderful people. All of them with big hearts for animals. I can enjoy so many stunning pictures and stories. Thank you all for that.

But there is more… sometimes we met people and there is an instinct connection. Even if you never met in person. Anoeska is one of those women I “fell in love” with. Like it seems we have a lot in-common. Even our journey to beat pain is alike.

I would like to set Anoeska in spotlight, her and a lot of other women/men, who dear to tell their story to a totally stranger and doing that, a lifetime friendship starts.

Just to chat from time to time gives me some recognition. Knowing there is someone who understands me, because she/he, really listens. Because our stories are parallel and we feel each others pain and joyfulness. Because we are open te hear what is not necessary said.

For that… Facebook, thank you. Without you, no Anoeska 🙂

Tamara, Nadine, Sam, Carine… thank you girls for being there for me.


A strong women…

Thinking about a strong men we usually think about his biceps, his physical strength. That’s usually the first thing coming up.

A strong women is a totally different story. It’s the attitude, state of mind and ability believing in herself at any time.

“A strong women accepts both a compliment and criticism graciously, knowing that it takes both sun and rain for a flower to grow.”

I couldn’t say it more beautiful. It is a quote I often think about. Being aware of the fact that it’s not simple to accept criticism. Not for me anyway. Growing older, it became easier. I see the value of a good criticism now and appreciate a constructive advice.

Being strong is not the same as hardheaded. And yessss, I used to be stubborn. But also that characteristic is settling down now 😉 However, I believe strong people need to be stubborn from time to time. They need to believe in their own values and stick with it.

There is one thing I am sure of. One thing I am thankful for… having a strong men besides me. Living with Bart allows me to be myself at any time. It allows me to grow. And for that… I will always have my gratitude.


A friend of mine, Esther, gives party’s called: women on fire (and only women allowed). What a wonderful idea to celebrate her friends like that. Esther is one of those women, and for her and any other beautiful, strong women out there, I want to say this…

“The strongest action for a women, is to love herself, be herself and shine amongst those who never believed she could.”

Wholeheartedly I hope I will be that stong woman who will fight her illness with dignity and proud being a… lady 🙂


I found this picture on Pinterest… it says it all. A perfect view in my life.


Of course I’m exhausted. I battle my own body all day. Every day.

And some days… that’s even not enough 😦 Some days I just want to stop living… but then I know, it’s not living that I want to stop. It’s the pain, the fatigue I want out of my life.

I just want to enjoy simple things, like having a long , warm shower 😉