How can it be?…

How can my body live together with my mind? It seems impossible. It really is. I am 41 years old, but my body feels like 80. My mind however is still 16!

When I was a child I had polio. I survived it, but couldn’t walk for many years. What I went through then, defines me now, for sure. My mind is stronger. But my body can’t keep up. It’s always behind. It crawls so slowly, it makes my mind desperate. And the worse part is… I can do nothing about it!! I just have to sit and wait till my legs and arms say: ok, we can move again, let’s go. In my head I was 2 times the world around and by the time my legs moved, my mind was tired again. Can you believe it? Impossible, I’m telling you, those two! 😉

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