Behind perfectly happy…

Are you happy? Your are? Being happy is not enough. It isn’t… At least if you look at social media like Instagram and see all the beyond perfect pictures of families and always smiling people. Then it hits you… being just happy is not enough. You have to be extremely happy. And then you, maybe, fit in…

Such a shame for all of us, living our life’s at Instagram, at FB. Walking around with our phones taking pictures of everything we see without looking at it. Forgetting to live the real life.

Such a shame to not feel the marvellous feelings the fake pictures are telling us.

I am hooked by social media too. Sure I am. I’m not different.


Because of the algorithms, a few days not liking, means not receiving posts from your friends. We have to stay on top of it. Well, do we have to? No, we want to. But do we really want to?? Do we? Counting likes is a daily routine for many of us. We want to live like in heaven. Daily. And a perfectly timed picture is a perfect proof of that. On paper we do live that life, on paper understood. We are obsessed with happiness. Everything has to be good, better, the best. Living a life, dough, is not like that, unfortunately. We have good days and in-between not that good days. Bed days have their entrance too. That’s life. For every one of us. Whether we want to, or not. For me, being happy is to accept the fact, happiness isn’t always around. And that’s fine. You can’t admire light, without darkness.

If we show the real us, we feel liberating. If we talk how we really feel, we can let things go.

Social media takes so much of our attention, we lose the connection with ourselves from time to time.

Let us live our ordinary lives like it comes. Let us make the best of it, like it is. Please, let us speak to each other in words coming out of our mouths instead of words written down in Messenger, WhatsApp or else.

Are you obsessed by social media? Those steps might help. Detoxing social media

I wish I could give you a hug. Not a virtual one, but a warm hug, my body against yours… just for a second. Just to warm up our minds… to be happy 🙂

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