I wonder…

I wonder…

does love pick you


do you pick love?

do you choose who to admire


is it a feeling you have nothing to say about?

if love is not all there is,

…what is?

comes that warm feeling from inside of us

or from somewhere above?

stays it with us for ever


is it gone after a while?

comes it back when you need it?

I wonder… does love loves you back?



Do you get what you see?…

Making a frist impression is oh so important. In many circumstances. If I may believe what I read, research tells us it only takes the duration of an eye blink to size up another person in terms of attractiveness and trustworthiness. Over the next three seconds, we form a more “complete” conclusion about a new acquaintance relating to their presumed personality and competence. Wow, that little time. It is a “snap judgment”. And yet, that important.

Body language is many times more relevant than the words we utter. Also factors such as how we look, sound and smell.

Is it the truth? Do we really get what we see?





Old friends in new life…

Recently I renewed contact with a friend from my schooldays in Poland. I don’t even know how it went exactly, but Facebook is a big help finding lost contacts. And there she was, Monika Baszczynska, in her full glory. A beautiful women now. With an angel of a daughter, Milenia. A man and a dog included in her life :-).

It brought so many memories. So many thoughts, good ones and painful ones too. And a lot of questions as well, of course. I was relieved to hear she is happy and well. Her smile and eyes are exactly the same as 26 years ago when I saw her for the last time.

Those days, we chat now and then. Telling stories about our lives. Sending pictures. Today I received this one. En yeah! I was jealous!









Having friends who connect you with your “old life” is a special feeling. A piece of you your courant friends not know. Moving aboard when I was a young girl ment leaving everything behind. Life as I knew was gone. I had to create new memories in a new country. So a little talk with Monia (as everyone calls her) is nice.

Please let stay in contact… lets us talk about the past and make plans for the future… as friends.

P.S. Look!… she sent me this picture too!! Me… as Maya The Bee!! Isn’t it fabulous? 🙂 🙂 🙂










Video_why old friends matter

Say “no”, without explanation…

I have to learn to say “no”, without explaining myself.

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In general, I don’t have much problems saying “no”. The issue is, that I always, always explain myself. And there is no need to do so. And yet, I’m still telling stories why I did this or do that. Why? No idea. Maybe it comforts me?

Bart and I have no children, like I have written before. Some people are wondered why. Instead of just saying “it is our choice”, I explain myself, almost apologising for it. The same when man asks why do I not work. An explanation about my illness follows. I could say nothing, or just that I am sick and that’s it. It is my business, after all.

People who know me well, say that I’m too good for this world. Even though, I want to be a good person. But I often have to remember myself that being good doesn’t mean being naive. And yes, sometimes I could think more about myself instead of others. But I’m working on it for sure! If you listen to me carefully , you can hear ‘no’ more often ;-).

You can’t please everyone. It is not possible, don’t even try. I have been there, done that. Not a success. So… now, I try to be honest with myself. Do the things I believe must be done. Try to help where I can. And say “no” where and when needed.

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