A feeling…

Do words count or only how we act? Or both?

I think both. For me it’s important how the love of my life acts, how my friends act towards me, of course. But getting a nice complement or having a nice talk is important too. Don’t you think?

Words “I love you” mean nothing when the man/women you love is not present in your life when you need them the most. You have to show the words “I love you”. Not ones of twice, but all over again and again.¬†Yesterday someone said to me: “Food is love”. Yesss! I agree. Especially sharing food. Sharing in general is love, I think. But respect… well, respect is love too! An other kind of love, but still a strong feeling we all need. Have a little respect for me, I’ll give you mine for sure.

Between you and me… there is nothing in the word that strong as love from your pet. It’s unconditional, always there, no questions asked.