Hand made…

I love to create. Working with hands relaxes me.

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Along with dog fashion, there is a lot more I love to make. Jewellery is one of those things. Also handbags or home deco. I have, of course, my own style I call “a la VIVA by mkc”. I prefer strong lines and sober design. But I love all kinds of stuff. I can fall in love with Art Deco style as well or a lot of blingbling.

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Creativity is the way I show my soul to the world. You may like it or you may not. Beauty is very personal. It defines you. Your own way makes you who you are. It gives you an identity.

If I was not ill, I would have my own shop with all kind of stuff I would make myself. It is a big dream of mine. Together with our dog, Viva, who will be in the shop welcoming everyone. I would be so satisfy, so happy. But the illness I have is there. I can’t move around it. Maybe soon, very soon, a web shop? Dream big, live big… I love to surround myself with creative people. Creativity is contagious.

You were born an original. Don't die a copy. -John Mason