Don’t be a fool…

I think I will go nuts one of those days.

How come I need so much sleep? I simply can’t stay awake. It is because of the overwhelming fatigue I feel or the pain I can’t manage anymore. I was told that my body is tiered fighting illness I have. Day in, day out. All those years.

Eliminating toxic from medication makes me sweat. You can’t imagine how much I hate that.

And even when I sleep a day long and the day after too, I often wake up as tired as before. With body that hurts, just like before.

If I didn’t have good days in between, I would not be here anymore.

So if you see me smiling , being happy, enjoying life…

don’t be a fool.

Not all that’s shining, is made of clean gold.

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I wonder…

I wonder…

does love pick you


do you pick love?

do you choose who to admire


is it a feeling you have nothing to say about?

if love is not all there is,

…what is?

comes that warm feeling from inside of us

or from somewhere above?

stays it with us for ever


is it gone after a while?

comes it back when you need it?

I wonder… does love loves you back?



Look at us! Isn’t it a beautiful drawing? A big thanks to Mirjam Metz for that wonderful portrait.

It’s so funny, but immediately when I saw those pictures I thought about writing a book. For children. A simple story. About a dog, our dog Viva and her life so far. Few minutes later, my friend Tamara has the same idea and wrote to me about it. And later on more friends were suggesting it. How strange is it?

I never wrote a book. I even don’t have children. And yet, that idea is so strong. I will give it a try. Will work very hard to accomplish my dream. I will go for it and succeed!! And if not, then, at least, I tried my very best.

Viva is adopted and had a hard existence before she entered our life. I’m sure it will inspire children who have not that nice life they deserve. They have to know… there is always tomorrow. Always new chances. Always hope. And at the end, there is that one special someone who lives just to love you.



Meat… should I not eat it?…

“The question of whether it is right to eat non-human animals (henceforth “animals”) is among the most prominent topics in food ethics. The most commonly given moral objection to meat-eating is that, for most people living in the developed world, it is not necessary for survival or health; some argue that slaughtering animals solely because people enjoy the taste of meat is wrong and morally unjustifiable.” – Wikipedia

It is a battle inside of me whether I should continue eating meat or not. I admit. I do love the taste of meat. A lot.

Meat gives me vitamin B-12 I tried to get from pills and injections. Never had the same result.

And of course… animal abuse. This would be for me the only reason to change my diet.

There is a lot going on lately about the origin of meat. I am worrying.

A friend of mine, Kinga, introduced me to a new place in Hasselt I didn’t know about. A veggie “All about Eve” concept store. The meal was delicious, and yet, at first, I missed the meat, but once eating… I forgot all about it.

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Love the fact that a lot of us are aware of their eating habits. They choose reasoned. And not only by religion, but with their hearts.

But still, the war inside me is still going on. I will keep you posted…