Sun-shine on my mind…

When the sun is shining life seems to be better.

After a very long period of heavy pain, today I can breath again. No idea of the sun helps my mind to be happy and my body follows or is it just a coincidence. Doesn’t matter. I am alive today and will enjoy that feeling big time!

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8 thoughts on “Sun-shine on my mind…

  1. I’ve only just recently realized the power of saying ‘I am’. Not, I am this or that. Just, I am. And suddenly my prickling aliveness begins to dance inside. Remembering this truth makes me feel bubbly and joyous and grateful. I’m so sorry for your illness and for the pain you suffer. But next time you have a bout with it try these magic words to yourself: I am. And then well, just follow the flow of your loving soul. It will lead you to gratitude no matter what is happening inside or outside of your physical body. All my best wishes to you.

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  2. Verry happy, to see you smile …. The sun is so wonderfull and is shining for all of us ….and whe have to enjoy the sunshine ….So glad that you have lesser pain ….Enjoy !!!!

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