My best friend…

Unwanted. My best friend is unwanted. He never listens to me when I ask him to go away. He always goes wherever I go. When I sit, he sits right next to me. When I sleep, he wants to sleep with me. He really doesn’t want to go away.

I met him when I was a little child. Years later, I moved from Poland to Belgium hoping my friend wouldn’t follow. But he dit. He always does.

It’s frustrating knowing he will be there till my last day on earth. I have other friends too, but sometimes my best friend is so enjoying, others just can’t stand him and leave me.

My best friend, named pain, is persistent. I hate to have a friend like that…




3 thoughts on “My best friend…

  1. Your best friend……. pain …. and tears , dont be shamed to cry…… tears.. roll over your face … that after that friend calling ;….pain ……SMILE again …… because you have other friends …. ho make you Smile between the tears …. Bart & Viva ……. big hughs ….. Carine

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